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Client: BWIN
Brand Manager: Pedro Garcia   Head of Design: Luis Caria
Agency: Nome inglês com style
Creative Director: Ricardo Araújo Pereira & Miguel Góis
Creative Strategist: Tiago Gama Rocha
Line Producer: Nuno Mendes   Producer: FÁTIMA SANTOS FILIPE
Director: João Rito
DOP: William Sossai
Post Director: Manuel Santiago & Hugo Rosado   Post Production: Push VFX

photo by © João Vaz Silva

What to say

I feel that life is much more interesting when you don’t have to do any online CV. You lose weekends, holidays and long nights of sleep. Okay, you gain too. Stress. Anxiety. But does anyone really read anything from a CV! In fact, I think that as beautifully as we can write about a professional’s journey, the words are left loose around without getting due attention. Fortunately, I can illustrate part of the journey. And that is what I will try to do here. Wish me luck.

By the way, may I ask you not to leave without first stopping by the online store. It is possible to find a little bit of me, and maybe you will have an impulse to offer a treat to someone close to you. I’ll appreciate it.